How To Raise Your Kids Right (Or Die Trying)

How To Raise Your Kids Right (Or Die Trying)

If you want to raise successful, well-rounded children, never say no to any of their requests. Their voices need to be heard. If you let your kids have whatever they want, they will be spoiled. Spoiling your kids will ruin them forever. Once you ruin your kids, there is no going back. Everything can be undone if you work hard enough. Don’t let your kids stay ruined. If you love them, you will help them get back on track. Helping them get back on track will teach them to be weak. Weak people never succeed. You want your kids to show a little weakness so they won’t be too prideful. A little bit of pride is okay. Any amount of pride will turn your children into terrible people.

Make your kids eat whatever you serve them. You are not a short-order cook. Studies show that kids who make their own choices at the dinner table are more successful later in life. If you make them eat what you serve, you are crushing their spirits. Every kid needs to have their spirit crushed, just a little. If you let them have their spirit, they will turn into hippies. Hippies have a lot of friends. People who have no spirit have no friends. 

Enroll your kids in preschool as soon as possible. Kids without preschool at age one will never move out of their parents’ houses. If you want your kid to pass kindergarten, preschool at age one is a must. They must know how to read, write, and do light algebra by kindergarten if they want to be admitted to a decent college. Forcing your kids to learn reading and writing before age five will damage their ability to learn. Your kids must be able to sit still and listen for 37 minutes by the first grade. If they sit still too long, they will tune out the teacher and begin to devalue education. Devaluing education means they will never get a job. Recent studies show that working too early in life will cause bitterness and resentment.

If your kid has special needs, they should be treated accordingly. No exceptions. Kids with special needs must learn to behave like typical children or their condition will worsen. No exceptions. Asking them to behave like typical children tells special needs children that they should be ashamed. Remember to tell your special needs child that they should never boast about their special need. Pride in their special need will allow them to have a happier life.

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